skeleton boo~y.

surprisingly, i woke up at 3 am. the infamous witching hour. i didn't actually care, even though dogs were barking at something. turns out, my 5-hour breaks turned into a more hellish 7-hour interval. great. at least i have something to do now. which would be creating cocktails. no, not just following recipe books, but making my own as well. and for kicks, i'll be naming the drinks after my closest friends. some drinks might even be made by them, like Bono's Basher for example. that shiz is insane. another one, which is an off-shot of the infamous Long Island Tea, is what i call Ia's Tea. it was something i just randomly mixed. to my surprise, my friend Ia loved that, thus the name.

anyway. i'm being attacked by laziness again, no matter how hard i try to snap out of it. i even got pwned by HUCOINT's sir Mags. i gotta apologize. and oh, oi, you fat-think-you're-so-cool pig. don't fucking mess with me, 'cuz even if you're a senior, i'll whoop your ass good.

moo~ving on. i just had to rant. me and bono are currently collaborating to create two songs. i'll post the lyrics sometime soon. i'm too lazy to type away.

shit, i'm having one of those "Descending to Decadence" moments again. i'm having a lot of those lately. must be my old age. even though i'm just 17!

M's party would later on tonight. 6pm, if i'm not mistaken. i have absolutely no idea if i can go or not, because i haven't asked for permission in the first place. but really, who says i can't sneak out?

the song's nice, right? it's has a merry tune masking something else. listen closer if you want. it's awesome. and oh, by sheer circumstance, i have started smoking again. but my smoking will last only until my cigarettes run out, since the certain 'circumstance' has already passed me by.

this is one of the most unbelievably short posts since i have to post the third chapter of my story, and begin writing the fourth, before my readers abandon me. and no, i don't think it's something within where your interests lie,though if you manage to find it, then kudos to you. anyways gotta go. there's a story that needs typing.



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