Pitbull is lucky. i guess the charm's with the bald head. or is it the discernible spanish lyrics? i wouldn't really know. look up his video. i dunno the title. but i find the chicas.. interesting. LOL.

tomorrow, i'm faced with a VERY hectic and busy schedule. and i doubt i'd be coming out of it without being stressed out. why? i have piles of events lined up for me. first, i have to meet up with my dad and step-mum at 6am in paseo. which sucks. because it's already 1AM and i'm still not sleeping. then there's my 7am review with van and ceej in school for our algebra thing. hopefully i ace that quiz because i have to catch up to absences already. then i'm heading to alabang right around the time the quiz finishes to get the shirts and two Tekken 5 CDs for the stint later on in the evening.


after that. around lunch, i have to get my PS2, majority of my CDs, and the flat screen TV upstairs to school, which is also related to what we will be doing later on in the night. then i'll have class from 4:20-7:30 pm. i've missed two classes of FILITRI and WRITRTV already because i called in sick. which sucks, since i actually like both classes.

and then i have to finish my ASIAWST report, which is ALMOST done. i have to find time to finish that quickly. since i think it's virtually impossible to finish that within the gaps of tomorrow. besides, my brother's a hog when it comes to his laptop. therefore i have to drag my eyes out to finish. meh.


my brother was ranting how FAT Flo 'Rida was. and then out of nowhere, i blurted out that he's the only rap star proud to streak around half-naked even though he was fat.

speaking of Flo 'Rida. has anyone noticed how almost all of his songs start with the word 'hey' and it's pronounced in the gayest way? no? just me then.


i heard my horoscope this morning. it said:

PISCES: "Be careful around your demanding friends"

so it got me thinking. i don't remember being friends with anyone demanding. so i guess i was a bit more lucky this time around.

--but seriously. who takes these things seriously? i just want to know mine because it's fun. and i've got nothing better to do during the wee hours of the morning. i mean, if it said something like "You'll find a million dollar check where you least expect it. Namely inside your Black Levi's back pocket." everyone would be reading it and be hoping that they had Black Levi's on at that exact moment. wishful thinking, i guess.

random rant: tsk. if it hadn't been for that fucking last call, i would've talked to you. but yeah, awkward times bring awkward conversations and forced ill-meant comments. so there we go. we never ended up talking, and i still couldn't get your number. oh well. i don't have a crush on ye anymore. :P

moving on. i just snapped back to reality. i just remembered that i have to do my report for ASIAWST. but then again, i think i'm at my best when i'm working with a lot of things; all at the same time. i think i'm a born multitasker. i'm also a born shrink. and also a born lawyer. no seriously. my mother thinks i should have taken up Law or something because i'm such a pain in the ass to argue with every now and then.

RANDOM AGAIN: who the FUCK is crazy enough to make Taylor Swift cry?! the fuck man. what's wrong with you?HAHA

moving on. again. oh oh, i think metro sta- no it's NIN (Nine-Inch Nails) playing in MTV. they're going to have their concert here around the early weeks of August. but what really got me buzzing was the rumor about Lady GaGa's concert here in the Phillies. but i'm really not sure. a friend told me the pictures look fishy. it didn't make any sense, so i just nodded and pretended i understood and typed the famous words that almost every internet junkie has typed if ever they're in a loss of words: 'lol'

so why do people type 'lol' when they have nothing else to say? i admit, i say it. what's funnier is the redundancy of the word. i mean 'haha' means you're laughing already. but '' is overdoing it. i'm guilty with that one too. gah, to hell with it, we all use 'lol' for no reason at all anyway. but you ESPECIALLY use the word 'lol' in capital and BOLD letters when you see a woman, who isn't even trying to become a man, with UNSHAVED legs.


i swear to god. she makes me look like i'm a clean freak for crying out loud. and if she has leg hair, i can't possibly fathom where else the dense jungle can possibly grow.

and she beats the Dragon Lady with her fashion sense any day. with her man-outfits and her oozing testosterone, even profs would be more than happy to give her a 4 in PE just because she's just too manly. and pathetic. but mostly manly.

WARNING/DISCLAIMER: oi, for those who know who i'm talking about, SHH.XD

the song Kelsey by Metro Station is stuck in my head. it's so freakkin' catchy. aside from the fact that it has lovely lyrics. it's nice. listen to it. get speakers if you don't have. you suck if you don't listen to it!

anyway. i have to go now. this is a bit too long already. well, not really. i'm running out of time already. i have to catch a few zs later. so yeah.





i read everything that we wrote. and now, i'm confused. all the alcohol i've been consuming lately must've finally gotten in my brain and managed to tap into the deepest corners of my uncharted and cob-webbed brain. nakaka leche.

oi mate, yung plano, ha. ;>


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