to sister:

i have this friend that i knew since way back during my elementary days. though we're really not that close during those times since back then, there was this sort-of iron curtain for boys and girls.

come college, we bonded like snot. it didn't take us ages to get along and piss each other off. we both held our heads up high and we never like to let our prides and our sides down. we'd fight like bitches and make up like gay people. we'd eat like binge whores and hang like hobos. that was our routine. i was the driver, she was the maid. of course, obviously the other one was the VIP since she always gets to ride at the back. my sister always rides shotgun when i drive.

we always sing our hearts out, be it over beer or iced tea. we fight over guitars and threaten each other like two dictators fighting each other. we scream and cuss at each other no matter what the situation is. she calls me tactless, i call her fat. we'd usually hang when i "jog". among our posse, we'd be the only ones to connect almost immediately. and heck, people even say we're actually siblings.

see the resemblance?

we usually also break our hearts out. be it through text, face to face, or an unbelievably looong phone call, it doesn't matter. she can almost always read through me, and i can't even begin to read her.

this magnificent(not), bitchy, sing-song-ey, binge-ing, lovely, sweet, charmin', unforgiving, masochistic, sadistic, and all the other pronouns i can think of is none other than my one and only beloved sister, Nikki M. otherwise known (but mostly to me only because i coined the nickie) as M.

i guess god made the mistake of sending me to my parents, or sending her to hers. we're almost alike it's scary. but in our own ways we're different. like, she can sing, i can't. i can handle my ale, she can barely hold hers. and tons of other stuff. but what really makes me love this betch is because of her unique personality. love her or hate her, she won't care. she has her own world with aaaaaall of her friends in it. if you get tangled up with someone, you'll expect her to be in your doorstep with camo paint smeared all over her and huge knives in tow. (i kid.) that's how M would do it. and she's such a bitch that both our huge egos would clash and we'd bitch at each other like there's no tomorrow.

but ultimately, we watch out for each other. she watches my back, and i watch hers. she's that one of a kind person that you'll love and cherish. so hear this: ALL OF YOU ASSHOLES THERE IN CANADA, IF YOU EVEN DARE MAKE IT CRAPPY FOR HER, WAIT A FEW YEARS. I'LL COME FOR YOUR SOULS. >:D

so yeah. there. i'm missing you already, betch. sorry, i slept early. that's why i couldn't answer your phonecall. take care. i love you sis.:D


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