decending to decadence

here are some poems that my deathpartner daggor and i came up months ago.lol


in my head and under the influence
i know this kind of talk is far too soon
the reruns of the past flickering to life after gathering dust returns
caused in part by ignorance of you
my conscience crept on me like cancer to my brain
my thoughts undecided as i'm feeling this way
could it be that such a truth be true
is conscience there to urge, to provemy seekng consolation would never be enough to wane the scars that keep me bound within this unmasked sorrow

will you listen for just one moment? and see that i'm in deep regret? you dance upon me, and i only say that i'm here. should i even persist to pry? would this even matter, would i still even try? i was gone for a while, do you mind if i knock again? i know only the truth of what i feel, should i be blind? i'm sorry i cannot stop myself

anything to win back what we were; because i know we're in ruins. the world is too much for us, could it be sweet compulsion i'm under? here i am, offering what i have left. under stars and streetlights is stand, so where are you?



we turned our verses into death, all that we left behind break down and weep.
foolish wounds hand themselves with a rope. we laugh like angels of death as we float boundless and free, we sip cold honey accompanied by glee. angels of death are stamping away our lives and we seldom seek truth because its never really certain yet as desires die and hopes fall apart. we stand in line as our ticket calls, needing nothing as the conductor controls our strength, limping away captivated.

in love and death we stand steadfast and strong, yet weakness calls and all of us yield someday. in death and love we slave to fate and our chances are sleeping. asinine and absurd, we defy fate with valor of the fateless; continuous, what speeds us all? should we haste and die as we fall into oblivion? as memories and promises fail in a momentary flinch, we pause and take a small slice of life, we bend our souls lodged into love.

Light is spent where death tries to hide, precarious. and as our last breath escapes our lips this dark world is disabled.


Kung ayaw me dahilan, kung gusto palaging merong paraan


glory hallelujah i can't not rant. some of the lyrics in the song are irrelevant to my situation, obviously.

oohlala valentine's day is coming up in a few days. frankly, i wouldn't know what to do on that day. if things don't look up, i might end up canceling. who knows?

> i have a wound again because raymond (i hate you, you nasty fucker.XD) opened the door to greet me. and me having the attention span of a frying pan, did not notice and hit the edge, giving me a nasteeyyy wound that bled profusely and was nearly diagnosed to be a laceration.

> i have.. about two bruises; one already on its healing state, and one about to appear sometime soon. i also have a bump on my right shin

> started smoking. again. can't resist.HAHA

> finished the twilight series last weekend. yeah, it's gay. but it's still literature.

> i realized that i'm starting to *GASP* study and pay more attention in class

> i might be in trouble.

> i will post something soon. something longer.

so there. oh oh, i changed my linkie! take a look at the bar!HAHA


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