she had me thinking about you.

--and i'm honestly not sure if i'm going to do this for myself or for you.



a dire need for a complication

a complication.

if you'd ask me, it's a good thing. for me.

i think.

i just came home an hour ago from PC Butlers with i pwned his ass in DOW.

anyway. i'm staying up late for Algebra. sort of. midterms are up tomorrow, 8AM sharp. i have to pick up ceej around 6:30, grab coffee then meet up with van and possibly uli if he ever musters the enthusiasm to wake up in school for a last-hour review.

i honestly am confident i'll do fine. but then again, murphy's law is the all-time bitch. "If anything can go wrong, it will at the worst possible moment."

--talk about negativity, right? what a bitch murphy is. but atleast it helps me get prepared. i'm trying to be a good student now, waking up early just so i won't be late for class, avoiding cutting classes as much as possible. (you lying bastard, you just skipped class a while ago!)

uhoh. i only have three more cigarettes left. this is bad.

moving on. in truth, i miss being in a complication. the last complication i had was epic. yes, sweetie, it was epic. tragic, but epic all the same. i talked to a friend that i don't talk to too much. but like they say, great minds think alike. i say broken hearts and hung-over-on-the-last-relationship people think alike as well.

she was laying it down like booze running down my throat. i was nodding like a moron, but yeah i was definitely agreeing to all that she was saying, and same goes for her when it was my time to lay down my side. we planned on having drinks and laying it down, hardcore style. epic. now that's what i'm looking forward to. it's been a while since i've had a decent, in-depth conversation with someone i don't really know that well.

it's been a while since i've listend to Making April's songs. those are ultimate heartbreak/heartbroken songs. hits the spot pretty well, i tell ye. look it up for fun if you want. you won't be disappointed.

great. now Torres is playing on MTV.

i wonder what it'd be like if i finally manage to convince myself to revert back. i mean, i'm trying. but trying ain't good enough. especially with all the booze, and corned beef with parmesan dates with vanessa and CJ. god. vanessa was complaining that she's going to get fat if our eating habits go on. i couldn't agree more. it totally fucks my diet up. which is definitely bad.

i scathed myself, by the way. i have this nasty gash that runs about three inches on my right forearm, and a semi-circular bruise with scratches that runs about two or one and a half inches on my left shin. all because i showed compassion to the dying san francisco while i was walking down the adobe steps of our garden. great kit, epic fail.

speaking of epic fails. my mom did a pretty bad job hiring help for Maya. i don't undertand half the thing our new maid says, and she accidentally locked the door of the bathroom, barring entry to anyone for a good 5 hours. and that was during the time i had to use my throne. luckily i managed to open it out of frustration and almost-constipation. mainly constipation. i mean seriously. i don't even know our maid's name. she doesn't know how to use a can opener and instead uses knives to open cans. she even uses knives to open those instant coffee packs, which can be easily torn apart if you rip it from the crease. she must have this thing for knives.

and the epicest failest of all, everyone calls me 'kits' now. great. i have another name. kitana, kuma, kirk, koik, koiky, kitong, kitongsu, pst, bitch, and many more.

i have to say my abru prayer a little later before i sleep. i wouldn't want to disrespect the dad of all the abru people. riiight van?HAHA

i thought you have to multiply 4 to a and c independently. fuck, it turns out you have to multiply 4 to a and then multiply the product to c. that's a litte thing about algebra.

uli keeps on harrassing me on how my grades are top-notch and that i shouldn't worry about the midterms tomorrow. but i feel i should get a great, if not perfect, score tomorrow. a 4.0's a 4.0.

as of now, Shinagawa got me interested in the tabletop version of Warhammer 40k. so i'm looking into it and if it captures my interest, i might invest in purchasing an army of my own. but, since the computer game version of it was more akin to me, and since i've basically mastered majority of the races, the dark eldar and the sisters of battle left to master, i'm having a really hard time choosing which army to make. i'm tempted to make a chaos daemon army. or maybe a fully fleged, IMBA eldar army. why not orks that can fuck up anything in melee? or the ever-vigilant space marines that can pulvurize anything given enough firepower. i dunno. it's kind of hard to decide, but ultimately, i think it's a choice between Eldar, Orks, or Chaos. who knows.

i'm reading on the literature already, and i'm doing my research on the tabletop rules and gameplay as i type. it really might suck me in into the tabletop universe. i

anyway. i'm kicking in in a few minutes. or a few hours. i don't know. so ciao.:D

oi. readers, please leave me something to read.

goodluck to all the souls that might get their cards for algebra on monday.


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