This post has been put in abeyance for far too long.

I suppose it's high time I finish this.

I used to love March.

March meant I'm getting by another digit.

March meant summer. and summer is always good.

This time, March also meant parting with people who changed me in so many layers, levels, ways, and what have you that I can't even fathom where to begin.

I've met people that resembled those that I've left in my alma mater; those forever locked in their descent to decadence. Yung mga manginginom, mga nagyoyosi, mga tambay, mga boy-takas sa klase pagka attendance.

Those types. 

I didn't get out of that alone though. I'm not saying that I'm out of it completely. I still do the things I do anyway. But when I moved to a school I never even thought existed, meeting people who are far more complex and interesting than those I've left behind, I knew I'd get kicked a few times during my stay.

Metaphorically, of course.

Hindi ko ineexpect na mag-kakatropa kaagad ako. At lalong hindi ko inexpect na magtitino din pala ako kahit papaano.

These past two years changed me a lot. I fell in love with, as some of my friends described as the "type-you-take-home-and-introduce-to-your-parents-girl", a lady who changed me in so many ways it was actually quite disturbing. I also became close with her friends; a retarded lot I tell you. Pero sila yung mga may toyo na astig. Kasi yung toyo nila, papantay sa toyo mo, kung hindi pa mas malala. We were all retards, so I guess we all fit.

I learned the dirtier side of being a college student. Yung mga nangdodoktor ng resibo, nagpepeke ng grades. Yung mga ganon.

I found brothers that I know will always have my back, despite the fact most of which are retarded beyond comprehension in my personal opinion, but awesome in their own right.

I also learned who was who. Yung mga plastik, at yung mga tunay na kaibigan, kumbaga.

I realized that in this whole, wide, mean, screwing existence called Life, aside from your family, your friends will always be there for you. Through thick or thin. All my friends, the AB Comm Bros, the SPEDS (R.I.P.), the Mangoes, the Ate Siomai Rice idiots, and those who've known me far longer than they could tolerate drove that point home. Ang tunay na kaibigan, kumbaga, walang iwanan. Magkakainisan talaga kayo, pero in the end, magkakabati din naman kayo kung willing kayong ayusin ang problema.

To make this schizophrenic post short, I simply just want to thank all of you bastards for teaching me something. One way or another, you have. I'll make something more detailed in thanks for people who screwed me over so bad, but never left.

Thanks guys. Really. :)


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